SAU Bake


SAU Bake is an exquisite online Brazilian bakery renowned for its delectable array of vegan snacks and treats, inspired by the vibrant flavors of Brazilian street food and traditional baked goods. At the helm of this culinary venture is Matheus, a visionary CEO and founder whose journey began with a profound love for cooking and the joy of delighting loved ones with their creations.

Whether it’s a large feast or an intimate gathering, our Brazilian culinary roots emphasize the importance of coming together over food. It’s a celebration of life, culture, and community that has been passed down through generations and continues to be an essential part of Brazilian culture today.

Vem matar essa saudade com a gente!

About The Founder

Matheus de Brito Brasileiro

With over a decade of experience in the food industry, Matheus has dedicated their career to the art of nourishing others, driven by an unwavering passion for spreading love through food.

Matheus honed their culinary skills through rigorous training, graduating as a chef from the esteemed Uniceub University in Brasilia, Brazil. It was during this time that their passion for entrepreneurship began to flourish. In 2016, Matheus embarked on a small culinary venture known as “Eu Brasileiro Doceria,” a pivotal moment that affirmed their calling as a natural-born entrepreneur. Now, their greatest aspiration is to make a meaningful impact in the world, beginning with those in their immediate community.

“SAU Bake offers the flavours you’ve been longing for.”

“SWOBEN offers a community; the importance of building and having community makes the dream possible. I joined to learn how to grow my business, with proper support and a network that is rooting for me.  SWOBEN is one of the paths to take my business to the next level.”

Want to learn more about SAU Bake?

Visit their website at www.saubake.com or give them a call at (647) 551-5906.