Rubberband Sovereign Golf

ABOUT Rubberband Sovereign Golf

Rubberband Sovereign Golf (RSG) crafts luxury golf apparel that blends urban sophistication with the tradition of golf. Based in Hamilton, Canada, and established in 2023, RSG is dedicated to offering high-quality, eco-friendly fashion that supports social causes. Each purchase contributes to emergency homeless shelters, aligning luxury with meaningful action under the ethos “For a life well played.” This commitment positions RSG as a brand for those who appreciate elegance and seek to make a positive impact on society and the environment.

About The Founder

Scott Gravesande

Scott Gravesande, founder of Rubberband Sovereign Golf, brings a wealth of experience as a financial professional to the luxury golf apparel industry. Over two decades in financial services have equipped Scott with a deep understanding of commercial awareness, leadership, strategic communication, and problem-solving. These skills now underpin his leadership at Rubberband Sovereign Golf, where he oversees market analysis, business operations, and technology optimization. At Rubberband Sovereign Golf, Scott focuses on understanding customer needs and market trends, leading a dynamic team, and engaging effectively with stakeholders and customers. Scott’s leadership extends to fostering collaborations with partners and driving the brand’s commitment to social responsibility. Transitioning from finance to fashion, Scott’s passion for golf and community welfare inspire RSG’s support for initiatives such as emergency homeless shelters. His commitment to integrating social consciousness with business operations reflects not just in RSG’s products but also in its corporate ethos. Scott’s dedication to creating a meaningful impact through high-quality golf wear sets a strong foundation for Rubberband Sovereign Golf’s vision and future growth.

“At RSG, we don’t just create apparel; we forge a legacy of resilience and responsibility. Our vision is to outfit life’s champions, making ‘a life well played’ more than just words – it’s our promise and our practice.”

“Participating in SWOBEN is a strategic decision aimed at leveraging the networks and resources to foster growth and innovation for Rubberband Sovereign Golf. As a Black entrepreneur, the incubator offers valuable mentorship, financial guidance, and community engagement opportunities that align with RSG’s commitment to social responsibility luxury fashion. Engaging with SWOBEN provides access to a supportive ecosystem that helps navigate the challenges of expanding into the luxury market, while also amplifying our social impact initiatives and broadening our reach within and beyond the golf apparel industry.”

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