SWOBEN Member Profiles

IDI Lawn Care Services
& Snow Removal

Established in 2015, IDI Lawn Care Services & Snow Removal caters to Hamilton and nearby areas with comprehensive lawn care solutions, including weed control, fertilization, aeration, overseeding, and lawn maintenance. The company also offers property cleanup and re-establishment services. During winter, they provide extensive residential snow removal, handling driveways, sidewalks, entries/exits, paths, and applying eco-friendly ice melt.



Zuleeats, famous for its traditional Ghanaian meat pies and diverse menu, is a celebrated family-owned, women-owned, and Black-owned business in Windsor-Essex County. Serving vegan, vegetarian, and meat options, they also offer special Ghanaian meals and sweet treats. They accommodate dietary restrictions and extend their reach through their storefront, local events, and retail in citywide grocery stores. Zuleeats actively supports individuals with disabilities and newcomers to Canada.

La Collection Élégance

Based in Hamilton, Ontario and accessible through their online boutique, La Collection Élégance is your destination for preloved luxury goods! With a goal of diverting waste from landfills and spreading the joy of style, they offer preloved (gently used) designer bags and accessories at a fraction of a cost to purchase brand new in the store. This includes in demand brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Prada. 

Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc.

Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc. (DIIS) is headquartered in Windsor, Ontario and is focused on revolutionizing Canadian Immigration consulting, settlement, and integration services. As a fully virtual firm, Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc. is breaking barriers, representing individuals globally through seamless virtual collaboration.


Kabaz is an innovative technology start-up company on a mission to disrupt the status quo in the digital gift card industry. With an exciting mix of passion, values-driven leadership, curiosity, and love of simplicity, the Kabaz team is set on making purchasing and sharing digital or egift cards for small businesses effortless and easily accessible by everyone.


IncluSV Beauty Solutions

IncluSV Beauty Solutions is a Black-owned beauty supply and natural hair services store located in Windsor, Ontario. IncluSV Beauty provides a one-stop shop with a barber shop, hair salon and various products under one roof. Their mission is to provide an experience for women, men and children in embracing styles with their natural hair.



GoTellSomeOne is a Podcast Network and Management Company – a business platform offering a number of services, including live/virtual event management and podcast mentoring and development. GoTellSomeOne exists to both celebrate its clients and widen their exposure and audience, creating engaging content that people want to share with their social circle. 


Aivy Consult and Therapy

Aivy Consult and Therapy is a consultancy and therapy service located in Hamilton, Ontario. They provide clinical support to individuals and families dealing with stressful situations, including mental health. They work from culturally appropriate, empathic, strength-based, and anti-oppressive perspectives while ensuring that the people they support receive the best care possible.

Pure Vibez Nutrition

Pure Vibez Nutrition is a business and experience that offers a variety of fun and nutritious smoothies, sugar free energy boosting tea bombs, protein ice coffee, and other digestive and skin care beverages. The shop focuses on creating unique and fun drinks and other products made with quality ingredients that also taste great.


Pardon Monsieur

Pardon Monsieur is a bold clothing brand, vibrantly reflecting the diversity and subtlety of human stories. Pardon Monsieur has chosen the shirt as its main garment to tell and materialize human stories and feelings. Pardon Monsieur loves to share, and does it through fashion.

E-tomic Entertainment

E-tomic Entertainment is a locally owned entertainment company that provides affordable entertainment options for low-income families, aiming to make the arts accessible to people of all economic and social backgrounds.



FEPSS, is a global language solutions leader bridging linguistic divides locally and worldwide. Locally, it promotes inclusivity, aiding businesses in reaching diverse audiences and individuals in connecting with multicultural neighbours.

SAU Bake

SAU Bake is an exquisite online Brazilian bakery renowned for its delectable array of vegan snacks and treats, inspired by the vibrant flavors of Brazilian street food and traditional baked goods.

Rubberband Sovereign Golf

Rubberband Sovereign Golf (RSG) crafts luxury golf apparel that blends urban sophistication with the tradition of golf. RSG is dedicated to offering high-quality, eco-friendly fashion that supports social causes.

Barrington Real Estate

With a welcoming smile and a genuine interest in your needs, Sherman Barrington stands as a trusted advisor for both first-time home buyers and first-time investors. Drawing from years of experience in the real estate realm, Sherman possesses an intimate understanding of market dynamics and trends.

Draga Vision Care

Draga Vision Care offers a diverse array of products and services for all individuals. Located at 54 Centennial Parkway in Hamilton, Ontario, Canada, they specialize in selling prescription eyewear, including eyeglasses and, contact lenses, as well as providing comprehensive eye examinations.

Nature Smile
Frozen Treats

Nature Smile offers gourmet bean pies and frozen treats, known as Water Ice or Sorbet. Water Ice, a dairy-free frozen dessert made with sweetened water or fruit juice, stands out for its refreshing properties and versatile use. Their mission is simple – to put a smile on their customers’ faces.