Pardon Monsieur

ABOUT Pardon Monsieur

Pardon Monsieur is a bold clothing brand, vibrantly reflecting the diversity and subtlety of human stories. Pardon Monsieur has chosen the shirt as its main garment to tell and materialize human stories and feelings.

The brand shares traditional values through the handmade production of its creations. All of its creations are carefully designed by hand. Today, the company is fortunate to have a team of 10 St. Clair College students working to produce the first “made in Windsor, made in Canada” creations.

Pardon Monsieur also brings communities together through conferences and gatherings to share entrepreneurial experiences, as well as international fashion know-how, with the aim of motivating and inspiring new entrepreneurs.

Currently in preparation, Pardon Monsieur’s “Renaissance” collection travels from Paris to Windsor. The brand has also had the chance to present its projects to local and international news outlets such as Radio Canada, Le Rempart, Les Nanas de Paris, and many others.

Pardon Monsieur loves to share, and does it through fashion.

About The Founder

Cathy Icare

Cathy Icare, Director of Pardon Monsieur, embodies an unwavering passion for the world of fashion and modeling. Her career has seen her evolve as a model, elegantly walking the catwalk and illuminating photo shoots with her magnetic presence.

Today, as founder of the Pardon Monsieur brand, she brings a touch of originality and artistry to the fashion industry, specializing in traditional couture. Her artistic talent transcends conventional boundaries, giving life to unique pieces imbued with a remarkable aesthetic.

Alongside her artistic commitment, she excels as a marketing & communications project manager at Pardon Monsieur. Her strategic vision and creative flair help position the brand at the top of the industry, combining timeless fashion elegance with powerful communication.

Cathy embodies the perfect blend of artistic passion, entrepreneurial skills and communications expertise, shaping the very essence of the brand.

“Notre ambition pour Pardon Monsieur est de créer “LA MAISON Pardon MONSIEUR”, un lieu où toutes les histoires pourraient être réécrites, où les gens pourraient se rencontrer pour écrire leur propre histoire. Cet atelier sera le point de départ de chaque mot qui sera envoyé à travers tout mon monde.

SWOBEN is a positive network that shares values with Pardon Monsieur including community and innovation. We are excited to be a part of this entrepreneurial movement.”

Pop up Shop

This past summer SWOBEN member Pardon Monsieur was able to set up a pop-up shop at Bisou Beauty Boutique in Windsor.

Want to learn more about Pardon Monsieur?

Visit their website at www.pardonmonsieur.com or give them a call at (438) 506-1391.