Osmosis Glow

ABOUT Osmosis Glow

In the midst of the 2020 pandemic chaos, Chayron Rennie launched Osmosis Glow, a venture designed to bring brightness to life’s darker moments. Osmosis Glow specializes in producing custom LED neon signs that blend art, technology, and creativity. These signs are simple to hang with a plug-and-play concept and are made from high-quality silicone rubber and durable acrylic plastic, lasting for 50,000 hours of continuous use.

Perfect for homes, businesses, and college dorms, Osmosis Glow’s signs are vibrant and versatile, adding a unique touch to any space. Whether hung above a bar, in a living room, bedroom, or kitchen, each sign is a one-of-a-kind work of art designed to make heads turn and spark conversation. Ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications, these full-color, animated LED neon signs operate at low temperatures and contain no harmful materials.

About The Founder

Chayron Rennie

Chayron Rennie, the visionary founder of Osmosis Glow, was born in Toronto and raised in Windsor. He attended Riverside High School with plans to pursue a degree in English at university but opted to join the workforce instead, embarking on a journey in the automotive industry. There, he gained extensive knowledge about factory processes and operations, honing his skills in efficiency and precision.

Driven by a desire for change and an entrepreneurial spirit, Chayron decided to pivot his career path. Drawing on his experience in the automotive sector, he applied principles of streamlined production and meticulous attention to detail to the world of modern custom signs, including neon signs. Through Osmosis Glow, Chayron merges ideas, wisdom, modern technological advances, and artistic expression to create custom-made signs that bring brightness to any moment. His dedication to excellence and ability to adapt and apply his skills from one industry to another have been instrumental in the success and growth of Osmosis Glow.

“Our goal is to be a part of every significant moment in Windsor, Ontario, both big and small, by spreading the creativity and brilliance of Osmosis Glow.”

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Want to learn more about Osmosis Glow?

Visit their website at osmosisglow.com or give them a call at (519) 982-3332.