Not Your Child Corp.

ABOUT Not Your
Child Corp.

Not Your Child Corp. offers the most trusted, reliable, and high-quality breathalyzers available across North America and Europe. Their BrAC devices are renowned worldwide for their precision and dependability. This is their promise to you. The brand acronym, T.R.E.D, stands for Trust, Reliability, Ease of Use, and Discretion—core values integral to their identity.

As a Canadian company dedicated to enhancing road safety and promoting responsible alcohol consumption, Not Your Child Corp. strives to normalize the use of breathalyzers as intelligent, proactive safety measures. Their commitment extends beyond providing top-tier products; they offer comprehensive services to ensure the safety and well-being of their clients.

One of their key services is event attendance, providing patrons with access to high-quality breath testing equipment at venues where alcohol is served. This service helps protect hosts from potential liability while ensuring the safety of guests and other road users. They aim to make roads safer by encouraging responsible drinking habits and offering reliable tools to support this goal. 

About The Founder

Julia Matthews

Julia Matthews is the owner and founder of Not Your Child Corp. After losing loved ones and close associates to inebriated driving and watching families live with the ramifications of those tragedies; Julia, born and raised in Kingston, Jamaica, is purposed to sparing families the heartbreak of death and injury caused by said inebriated driving.

Julia believes education, normalization and sensitization is the bridge needed in the gap between users of the roads “knowing better” and having a convenient way to actually “doing better.”

Julia is an introvert with extrovert qualities. Though she enjoys socializing, she loves reading, swimming, being by water, music, cooking, being in nature, and enjoying wide open spaces and peace and quiet.

“Wherever there is a public or corporate event where alcohol is served, people will expect to see Not Your Child Corp. there helping to protect the event and its patrons.”

“SWOBEN is a great opportunity to network, learn and better serve the community.” 

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