La Collection Élégance

ABOUT La Collection Élégance

La Collection Élégance is your destination for preloved luxury goods! With a goal of diverting waste from our landfills, preloved (gently used) designer bags and accessories are offered at a fraction of a cost to purchase brand new in the store. Your favourite brands such as Louis Vuitton, Gucci, Dior, Prada and more are carried. La Collection Élégance is an online boutique based in Hamilton, Ontario. We also host pop ups throughout the GTHA.

All items are sourced from trusted and vetted suppliers. As an extra layer of protection, all items are authenticated by professional authenticators before being posted for sale. Following authentication, a certificate of authenticity is produced which is then included with each purchase. This ensures everyone can shop with confidence.

If you do not see what you are looking for, La Collection Élégance offers the opportunity to place a custom order via the website. Additionally, La Collection Élégance aims to make luxury affordable. As such, customers can take advantage of payment plan options. Offering a very curated selection of bags and accessories with the option to custom order, La Collection Élégance has something for everyone.

About The Founder

Brittany Walsh

Born in Toronto, Canada to Jamaican parents, Brittany Walsh attended McMaster University. Always having a passion for fashion/beauty, Brittany launched a blog as a creative outlet and hobby where she posted makeup and fashion tips. She has always been inclined to repurpose things and naturally, she also enjoyed thrifting.

When she realized how much of an impact fast fashion trends have on our environment, she was motivated to find ways to reduce waste that ends up in landfills.

Eventually, Brittany decided to combine these two concepts and from there, La Collection Élégance was born! She looks forward to helping you source your next preloved designer item.

“Canada and the world in general produces billions of tonnes of textile waste. This waste ends up polluting landfills, bodies of water, and geographical areas all around the world. Many times, this is in developing countries. Items deemed as waste are often still in usable condition. However, they’re only discarded because someone no longer finds value in it, or perhaps because it is no longer considered trendy.

La Collection Élégance operates from a standpoint of trying to help reduce the amount of waste we produce. La Collection Élégance’s mission statement is to provide quality luxury goods while encouraging a sustainable lifestyle. As such, we provide tips demonstrating how to take part in circular fashion and sustainable fashion, as well as making luxury items affordable. La Collection Élégance hopes to expand and offer more options such as renting and consignment to have a more comprehensive approach to sustainability, moving closer to a zero waste society.”

Why are you participating in SWOBEN?

I joined SWOBEN to expand my knowledge on various topics related to business and to connect with like-minded entrepreneurs. Through these connections, Black entrepreneurs can support each other by sharing valuable information and providing referrals. For example, through this program, I met Tapiwa Musewe, a registered optician and CEO and founder of Kuwona Inc. My four year old daughter Zahara had an accident and broke her glasses. I was looking for someone to replace her lenses and engaged with Tapiwa, who provided her mobile services at my home. She took time to educate me on what exactly was happening with Zahara’s eyes and why a particular lens was the most appropriate. She subsequently provided affordable pricing to replace Zahara’s lenses. Tapiwa was very warm and easy to work with. I look forward to working with her and recommend her services to everyone.

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Visit their website at lacollectionelegance.ca.