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Kabaz is an innovative technology start-up company on a mission to disrupt the status quo in the digital gift card industry. With an exciting mix of passion, values-driven leadership, curiosity, and love of simplicity, the Kabaz team is set on making purchasing and sharing digital or egift cards for small businesses effortless and easily accessible by everyone.

The Kabaz app is all about curating an experience of gift-giving, all while supporting small and local businesses. They believe that your local boutique ice-cream shop, your favourite independent restaurant, or the spot where you get your one-of-a-kind statement fashion pieces, should get the same visibility and attention as the big brands when you think about giving an e-gift card to a loved one.

The Kabaz app does just that! It combines the ease and comfort of giving e-gift cards with the social and psychological feel-good factor of supporting local businesses. Think #shoplocal, now, with egift cards too!

The Kabaz Story

The Kabaz app was born out of a desire to see local and small businesses thrive and to encourage the simple, yet extremely gratifying act of giving. Founders Gloria Kabedi and Filo Sigloy came up with this idea in 2020, when they were faced with the devastating effect of the pandemic on the small and local businesses.

They wanted to address these challenges in a way that was simple, innovative, and environmentally friendly. To support small businesses and take tangible steps towards creating a more generous community, They created the Kabaz app!

What does “Kabaz” mean?

Kabaz (or Cabaz) is a Portuguese word meaning gift hamper.

Traditionally, in Portuguese speaking countries, a Kabaz was given to someone by their employer during Christmas. Filled with cheese, wine, fruits, sweets and festive delights, the joy of receiving a Kabaz was like no other. We wanted to bring this joy to everyone and not just during festive seasons.

The Kabaz app makes giving gifts, via e-gift cards, and spreading joy oh so simple.

About The Founder

Gloria Kabedi

Born in Angola, raised in the UK and now residing in Canada, Gloria Kabedi is a budding entrepreneur and a dedicated learning and development professional. Gloria’s international roots, coupled with her intrinsic love of learning, has shaped her professional and personal life over the years, enabling her to engage in diverse endeavours, from planning educational conferences, most notably in London (UK), the Netherlands, and South Africa, to volunteering in her daughter’s school parent council. All of her work is rooted in her desire to connect with people, and to learn and share new skills.

In establishing the Kabaz App, an e-gift card sharing platform for small businesses, Gloria – alongside her co-founder and husband, Filo – set out to provide a simple solution to help alleviate some of the challenges faced by small businesses. She saw an opportunity to support small businesses, as well as expand her horizons in the technology start-up space – learning and adapting with each step.

Drawing from her academic and professional experience in needs analysis, planning and diplomacy, Gloria hopes to grow the Kabaz app into a household name that local and small business owners trust to help them grow their businesses.

“Simplicity and innovation are two of our core values and our guiding factors. With this at the core, we envision Kabaz growing into a business which provides simple yet effective technology solutions for small businesses across Canada. We’ve started with a platform, an app for small business e-gift cards, and look forward to the opportunities and strategies the road ahead will offer.”

We decided to participate in the SWOBEN program to learn about the fundamental elements needed to establish and grow a successful business. We believe SWOBEN presents an amazing opportunity to expand our networks and connect with an ecosystem of like-minded entrepreneurs from diverse backgrounds.

Media Appearance

SWOBEN member Gloria Kabedi, founder and CEO of Kabaz, recently appeared on Cable 14 show ‘Leadbetter with Kristine.’ During the segment, Gloria discussed the importance of building a supportive network, which is essential for entrepreneurs in the early stages of their journey.

Want to learn more about Kabaz?

Visit their website at kabaz.ca or give them a call at (905) 581-3431.