IDI Lawn Care Services & Snow Removal

ABOUT IDI Lawn Care Services & Snow Removal

Founded in 2015, IDI Lawn Care Services & Snow Removal is a residential lawn care and snow removal provider in the Hamilton and surrounding areas. IDI’s lawn care services include weed control, fertilization, aeration, overseeding and lawn mowing / maintenance. IDI also provides property clean up and re-establishment services to assist with areas of the property outside of the lawn.

During the winter, the company provides comprehensive residential snow removal services. This includes driveways, sidewalks, entries/exits, paths, as well as eco-friendly ice melt application.

IDI also sell 50lb pails of eco-friendly ice melt through its online store. Purchases are delivered directly to the client’s door within 2 days of purchase.

About The Founder

Kenya Grant

Kenya Grant is a native Hamiltonian. He was raised by a hard working Jamaican father, who came to Hamilton in his mid 20s. Kenya credits his hard work ethic to his father’s emphasis that hard work makes things possible. IDI, which stands for I’ll Do It, was originally established as a business that would provide all areas of work that a residential client could need: “Whatever you need..
I’ll Do It.”

After 3 years of lessons and market feedback, Kenya realized that focusing on specific offerings would best serve his business and clients. Now, IDI Lawn Care and Snow Removal has 7 employees at its Hamilton hub, is in the process of expansion into new cities, and are amongst the top local businesses in the industry. Kenya’s core business principles are being helpful to clients, supporting employees, being willing to take strategic risks, and being relentlessly committed to solving problems.

“IDI Lawn Care and Snow Removal is and will continue to be a place where clients can feel at ease, be cared for, and trust without worry. Every employee will be given the opportunity to advance their careers through consideration of their individual life experiences and needs, and development of transferable skills.”

“I appreciate the hard work of Empowerment Squared and partners in bringing SWOBEN to the Hamilton and Windsor communities. I look forward to continuing to develop my growth strategies, marketing plans, and operational model with support from SWOBEN. I have also learned a lot of lessons through my years in business and look forward to sharing my knowledge with entrepreneurs at an earlier stage in their development.”

Want to learn more about IDI?

Visit their website at illdoitlawncare.com or give them a call at (289) 922-8444.