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FEPSS, headquartered in Windsor, is a global language solutions leader bridging linguistic divides locally and worldwide. Locally, it promotes inclusivity, aiding businesses in reaching diverse audiences and individuals in connecting with multicultural neighbours. Globally, it provides top-tier language services transcending geographical barriers, from subtitles to video editing, ensuring effective communication across cultures.

The company prioritizes accessibility, offering services like Subtitling/Closed Captioning/SDH to make media inclusive for all, regardless of hearing abilities. With a team of certified linguists, FEPSS ensures messages are accurately conveyed and culturally adapted.

FEPSS stands for ‘Femsols Editing, Proofreading and Subtitle Services’. The name “Femsols” is a creative amalgamation of the founder’s first name and surname, Femi Soluade. Initially, FEPSS was established with a focus on ‘Editing, Proofreading, and Subtitle Services’, which formed the cornerstone of its offerings. These core services, encapsulated in the acronym FEPSS, laid the foundation for the company. Over time, FEPSS has broadened its scope to include a diverse range of other services, continually evolving to meet the needs of its clients.

About The Founder

Femi Soluade

As an undergraduate in International Relations at the University of Windsor, Femi is actively engaged in shaping the world. With her infectious laugh and unstoppable drive, she turns obstacles into stepping stones. As the founder of FEPSS, an e-commerce language solutions business, Femi breaks barriers and builds bridges. Her participation in SWOBEN showcases her dedication to growth and excellence.

FEPSS offers a range of language services, including subtitles, translations, transcriptions, proofreading, logo design, and video editing. With her legal background, she ensures meticulous attention to detail.

FEPSS brings together skilled linguists, translators, designers, and proofreaders, reflecting Femi’s unwavering commitment to excellence. It sets a high standard in language solutions, surpassing expectations. For exceptional language services, choose FEPSS.

“My vision with FEPSS is for it to serve as a conduit to effortless communication. Our services bridge communication gaps beyond geographical boundaries, age, race, personality traits, cultural backgrounds, nationalities, and circumstances.

I am participating in SWOBEN because it is an opportunity for me to tap into a network of resources, education, and professional advisors tailored to address the unique challenges faced by Black entrepreneurs. It’s about strengthening the business foundation of FEPSS and optimizing opportunities to serve clients better. But beyond business, I am thrilled to be part of a movement that empowers and uplifts the Black entrepreneurial community in Southwestern Ontario. Because success is sweeter when shared, and every thriving Black entrepreneur is a beacon of inspiration for others to follow.”

Want to learn more about FEPSS?

Visit their website at www.fepss.org or give them a call at (226) 759-5084.