Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc.

ABOUT Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc.

Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc. (DIIS) is headquartered in Windsor, Ontario and is focused on revolutionizing Canadian Immigration consulting, settlement, and integration services. As a fully virtual firm, Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc. is breaking barriers, representing individuals globally through seamless virtual collaboration. Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc. provides expert and innovative services, guiding individuals in preparing their applications accurately, regardless of their location or the language they speak.

Services Offered:

Canadian Citizenship:

Join the Canadian community by applying for Canadian citizenship through DIIS’ expert guidance.

Express Entry:

Attain Permanent Residency in Canada based on your work experience and education with DIIS’ specialized assistance.

Family Sponsorships:

Sponsor your spouse, common-law partner, child, parent, grandparent, or other family members with DIIS’ dedicated support.

Provincial Nominee:

Seek Permanent Residency in Canada through provincial nomination programs, guided by DIIS’ experienced team.

Refused Entry to Canada:

Overcome barriers, including criminal records and bans, to gain entry into Canada with DIIS’ comprehensive solutions.

Study Permit:

As an international student, pursue your educational aspirations in Canada with DIIS’ support in obtaining a study visa and a study permit.

Temporary Visas:

If visiting or working in Canada is your dream, DIIS assists with visitor’s visas, and work visas.

Integration Services:

As a newcomer to Canada, DIIS assists with securing housing and job readiness skills to set you up for success in Canadian society.

Core Values:


Delivering precise, detail-oriented services ensuring accuracy in every case.


Upholding the highest standards of honesty, transparency, and ethical conduct


Approaching each case with proactive, thorough, and professional representation.


Celebrating diverse perspectives within our team to enhance client experiences.


Measuring success through the achievements of our clients, turning immigration dreams into reality.

About The Founder

Christopher A.
Dennis Jr.

Dennis Immigration & Integration Services Inc. is led by Christopher A. Dennis Jr., a passionate proponent of immigration. As a refugee from Liberia, Christopher’s personal experience as a refugee has provided him with a deep understanding of the intricacies of immigration processes.

Christopher was inspired by his own experiences as a refugee to study Canadian immigration citizenship law comprehensively, obtaining a Graduate Diploma in Immigration and Citizenship Law from Queen’s University, which helped him refine his expertise. The purpose of his commitment is to assist individuals and families in establishing Canada as their new home or acquiring knowledge through a Canadian learning institute in order to achieve their goals.

Christopher’s primary role at Dennis Immigration is to support and guide individuals navigating the Canadian immigration system. Dennis Immigration strives to ensure a seamless transition and strives to make Canada an accessible and inviting destination for immigrants seeking a fresh start by maintaining a steadfast commitment to ensuring a seamless transition.

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Want to learn more about Dennis Immigration?

Visit their website at dennisimmigration.com or give them a call at (226) 260-9789.