Advisors & Partners

SWOBEN Members benefit from being part of an active ecosystem of supporters that contribute to their success. SWOBEN’s Advisors, Partners, and others in our extended network are committed to helping Black business succeed.


Advisors are experienced professionals from a range of industry backgrounds who support Black entrepreneurs with targeted advice to support them in developing their businesses through structured services that deliver practical, tangible results. Advisors are paid by SWOBEN for their delivery of their services. To become an Advisor, interested professionals must formally apply and go through an intake process. Black professionals are especially encouraged to join SWOBEN as advisors.


SWOBEN’s Partners are diverse members of an ecosystem of organizations and businesses whose shared objectives and values align with SWOBEN. SWOBEN and its Partners may refer clients to one another, share opportunities, leverage each other’s services, provide information about events and activities, exchange insights, or engage in other activities in support of Black entrepreneurship.

Advisors and Partners are added to SWOBEN on an as-needed basis. Please contact us for more details or to inquire about applying to become an Advisor or Partner.